Docker with different data directory

Hi all,

Hope you’re all doing fine these days!
I jumped onto the NextCloud train cause i was looking for a good way to store photo’s.

What i’m trying to accomplish:

I’ve installed NextCloud in a docker container and set it up with MariaDB.
On my Synology NAS i’ve created a share folder named Nextcloud.

Is there a way to get Nextcloud to use this as the default data directory?.
On the initial setup i see /var/www/html/data but when i ssh to my nas i can’t find any directory that looks like it. Probably because it’s a docker container.

I just want NextCloud to save all it’s data in a shared folder on my NAS.

if you don’t bind the path /var/www/html/data from the container to your shared folder your data will be doomed.

i guess when you configured your container you have been asked to bind a volume. (or create, or what ever wording synology is using.) that was the point where you assign the path /var/www/html/data inside the container to your share on the synology.

btw: and make your you bind /var/www/html/config as well. otherwise your config is gone after an container update.

I wasn’t asked to bind a volume but i added one myself.
I’ve added the folder Nextcloud to it with /nextcloud, but it’s not possible to assign that in the wizard of the nextcloud setup. When i try to edid the line /var/www/html/data to something else i’t errors me.

I’m just scared as &*&% to loose all the data i store in Nextcloud when one of my drives fails. I just want to browse to the folder Nextcloud saves my raw data and want to make an external backup of it with a synology job.

you shouldn’t change the fs layout inside the container. leave it to the default values.

what exactly did you do?
the synology folder “Nextcloud” should be bind to /var/www/html/data

I’ve added it like this:


when you use the shell of the nextcloud container you see a folder /nextcloud inside the container? who is the owner of this folder?

it should look like this:

I can’t even get to that part.
When I click on the “Terminal” tab it breaks the container with message:

[Tue Oct 06 16:13:32.070987 2020] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 1] AH00170: caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully

Is the container running or restarting?

Can you create a new shell?


No I don’t have that option.
It just shuts the whole thing down. Have to start it up by hand.