Docker vs Snap - benefits


Ive been running nextcloud snap for about 2 years now, and have been happy with the product / ease of management.

I need to migrate the VM where nextcloud is installed today, to another type of hypervisor, so i was thinking about switching to docker in the same process.

But what benefits will i get from docker, that i dont already have with Snap?

Im basically looking for any input / experiences in this field :slight_smile:

I think this question is not specific to Nextcloud. Try checking the docs of both products maybe they point out why you should prefer one over the other…


Snap is really good for people like me, who are end user and doesn’t need advance setup option for fine tuning and integrating the service with many other things. Snap installation itself comes will everything, really easy to setup with just couple of commands and it takes care of the rest, including auto updating the setup.

However that itself is the biggest draw back of the snap since it limits the vast arrey of customization and other stuff possible with open source software. Here is what snap team has to say about this,

Read more → Snap or VM? · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki (

So you decide that is right for you, snap way or the docker way.



Snap maintainer here. @NaXal is spot on. If you’re looking for flexibility, docker will provide that more than the snap. That’s really about it. If there are any specific questions I can address, hit me.

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Thanks @kyrofa and @NaXal for the clarification :slight_smile:

Im an Windows sysadmin in my daily job, so tweaking on PHP vs Apache, or MySQL vs MariaDB dosent really get my mojo flowing :slight_smile:

I will stay with snap instead, and keep enjoying the stability it provides :slight_smile:


Awesome, you’re our target audience!