Docker stable tag policy

Hello Nextcloud Team,

thank you very much for maintaining the docker image. I have been using Nextcloud in docker for some time. I have a question about the stable tag on dockerhub. There the stable version is the 20s, however on the official website of Nextcloud it says that the 21 version is stable.
Are there any more tests or adjustments pending for the docker images (if so when do you expect the stable tag to be switched) or was this just forgotten to be adjusted?

Many greetings and thanks in advance

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it’s OT for you question but if you want to use new version with docker just adopt your docker-compose file as following:

    image: nextcloud:21.0.2

for me hardcoding specific image version is best practice as you/the admin control the version of the app and nobody else

I would also like to know, why the latest is still on the v20 and does not pull a v21 image?

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i guess 21 becomes stable with 21.05 of 21.06. and 22 becomes latest.


Seems to be an iterative rollout policy and still some bugs in NC21: