Docker Server and Collabora on different Server! Will it work?

Good Day everyone,

Can I install the docker server on a computer different than the one where Nextcloud is installed within the same network and use it for Nextcloud?

I am not very well versed with linux or servers. so to avoid something going wrong I want to install Docker in a different computer. So if in between I mess up something it will be on a different computer. Which I can just go ahead format and install everything (concerning collabora) once again there without affecting my nextcloud server computer.

So let’s say all goes well,
on a different computer, I install ubuntu server
install apache2, docker etc. setup collabora
can I then from un my nextcloud install the extension for collabora and in settings give the IP of the computer with collabora (i.e., will it work?
the server with collabora will only be accessible within local network as Port 443 is forwarded to nextcloud server. will this setup work?


  • nextcloud and collabora setup on different machines within same network
  • collabora is only accessible from local network not from internet but nextcloud can be accessed from internet
  • will collabora for nextcloud work? from internet? or only when within local network?

No problem, take a look at the setup page and here:

You find more posts on it in the forum, but actually it is pretty easy. Following the general setup page and replacing the localhost IPs in the proxy.conf with those of your Docker install.