Docker - NGINX Proxy Manager - Upload Multiple Files

Got a test running with NextCloud in Docker and NGINX Proxy Manager.
Seems to be going okay, but multi-file uploads are not working.
Only one file will be uploaded at a time.
Tested without NGINX Proxy Manager and then it works without an issue.

Has anyone had this before and know the magic setting that we are missing here?

Are you taking about in the Web UI?

Are you referring to choosing multiple files to upload or are you talking about parallel uploads?

Yes, webui indeed. I’ve saw this was an issue with the latest NextCloud Release v28.x

I’ve downgraded the test docker image to 27.1.7 and it all works.
Can’t find the Github issue this fast but i’ve came across this late last night

Topic on the Forum here: Drag & Drop Issue v28.0.2
And Git Issue: [Bug]: When drag and drop multiple files, only one is loaded [blink engine] · Issue #43074 · nextcloud/server · GitHub