Docker MariaDB update broke everything

Howdy! Complete noob here. I got Docker setup, got a container together for mariaDB (MySQL), and then Nextcloud. I had everything linked and working. I’d recently set up Watchtower, and it auto-updated my mariaDB docker, which broke Nextcloud. I’m not sure how to dig any useful information out of it. I can absolutely start over, and set up a new Watchtower to exclude mariaDB. I’d prefer to fix what is in place if at all possible. Thanks!

Can you check if the database for Nextcloud still exists?

I did a lot of reading and figured out how to get into the container, logged into MySQL and looked at the databases. Sure enough, the “nextcloud” database is gone. Note to self: don’t auto-update the database docker!

If the data is gone, it’s not really an update, I’d call that a reinstall.

That is precisely what ended up happening. I set Watchtower container back up and told it to ignore MySQL, started everything from scratch and re-synced everything from local copy.

You don’t have backups you can easily revert to, that was the huge advantage of all the container stuff.

Start keeping backups to prevent such stress. Should be lots of options between containers and volumes.

Example, I keep a duplicate which I test all changes on before touching the production containers + keep daily rsync backups