Docker fully scalable deploy

Hello all,

I’m trying to migrate my AWS Nextcloud 12 instance to docker.

I’m not really experienced with docker, but I’ve managed to create a working infrastructure.

Anyway I just don’t want to move the existing instance as is, but I want to use this experience to learn something too.

For this reason I’m looking for a complete redundant and scalable architecture, even if I don’t really need it.

A load balancer in front of some apache containers is the front-end.

Mysql cluster is something I already managed, so I’m not so interested in use it in this setup. Perhaps I’ll try something new with mariadb and read only replicated instances.

The first big issue is the data directory: I have no idea about the kind of storage to use in order to provide high availability, host independence and scalability.

So I would like to hear from other NC administrators where they put the data directories in their dockerized environments…


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