Docker Compose Install With Samba

Hello everyone, I am a new user to Nextcloud and from what I read about the service is that in a normal install, I would not be able to access the files over a file explorer like Windows Explorer, without WebDAV. Since that is pretty slow, and I would rather use samba for that, I am using Docker Compose in order to run NC and the Samba server in a vm.

Everything seems to work fine until you add or change files via the mapped network drive from samba. Originally I had all of the NC default files and folder which I made some changes too, then started uploading my docs to the drive. After a few minutes I noticed that the WebGUI for NC was not showing these new docs and the default files/folders I deleted were still on NC.

Wasn’t really sure why that happened like that but I did some googling and found out how manually scan the files which does work but only on root for some reason, plus its manual and I want something to be automatic and just show up in the WebGUI.

So I was hoping to get some help on how exactly to do that. Since I can easily change the file locations, maybe it is just as simple as that?

Currently the path for my data volume is ‘/mnt/nextcloud/data:/data’ while the samba container is is ‘/mnt/nextcloud/data:/mnt’

I am hoping to be able to get this right between the two containers so that I can still use samba and NC WebGUI is auto updated when there are changes to the network drive.

I am on NC 20.0.3 with Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. The Docker Compose version is currently 2.4.

Hope someone can help, thanks!