Docker-compose doesn`t download the requested version

I deleted my docker-container and recreated it with docker-compose.

it has the line

    image: nextcloud:25

but although it should use V25 I get this error after rebuilding the app:

Can't start Nextcloud because the version of the data ( is higher than the docker image version ( 

Why does it create a docker image with

The error persists If I enter

image: nextcloud:

It looks like the image specified in the docker-compose.yml file, nextcloud:25, might be pulling the wrong version of the nextcloud image from a registry (e.g. Docker Hub).

You can pull the Nextcloud image directly using the docker pull command and check its version by running the command docker pull nextcloud:25 to download the image with version 25.

The error persists for NC 26, i had to pull it by

 docker pull nextcloud:26

and then do the

docker-compose pull && docker-compose up