Do not save login password (feature request)

Dear Nextcloud team,

Let me congratulate you all for the job done! Nextcloud is getting better release by release.

I´m now testing the last version of the sync client for Windows.

Let me explain my situation:

What I need is that the client asks for password in every reboot. In some previous versions there were a checkbox that specified if we wanted to store or not the pass. But as you have encrypt it now it stores it everytime. Except in the case where yo Exit the client. I´ve seen that the password is erased from the owncloud.cfg. But, if the computer restarts the password remain there.

What I want to do is to store the Nextcloud contents in an encrypted volume (by BitLocker) and when the user restarts the PC she has to enter the password of the encrypted container and then the password for the Nextcloud client in order to synchronize. In that way I keep the data safe in each computer. In the Nextcloud server (my own server) the files stay unencrypted because I want to access them by web and is more easy if they are not contained in an encrypted volume. The security issue comes in the Windows clients where the files can be stored in a notebook or desktop PC.

I´m a C# developer, do you think I can help in any way?

Thank you very much in advanced,

Nextcloud currently uses the owncloud-client ( with its own theming (

Regarding your issue, there already have been feature requests:

The development is open, so feel free to join. Regarding the client-development in Nextcloud, I can’t give you more information but @jospoortvliet can probably help you and put you in contact with the responsible people.

Thank you very much tflidd!

I´m in contact with Jos!


@tflidd is correct, we use the ownCloud client with our own branding. The consultants hired by oC are doing a fine job maintaining it. Of course little feature development takes place and we are building up a team to get involved but we’re even hoping to be able to collaborate with the team rather than having to fork the client.

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Thanks @tflidd and @jospoortvliet I will explore that code!

Keeping contact,