Do not allow users to delete or unshare admins Shared folder NC 17/18

Do not allow users to delete or unshare files or folders the admin has given him ?

Let me explain, we have tested NC 17 and 18 and both have the same problem, “Folder Group” is not an optión as we need to encrypt the info.

The thing is that the admin shares folder to several groups and do not want them to have the capability to unshare or delete the files/folder from the users workspace. The pitty is that users only have these option in their main workspace, once users get in the folders these options disapears.

The Share option allready gives enough controll for us over the files/folders (create, delete, etc…) it will be perfect if the users do not have these options in the main workspace.

Is there a way to fix it? or can someone help me and try to edit the code so we get ir as we would like