Do I need to install "smbclient" to mount local external storage?

I’m having trouble with a red square when I try and add my mounted drive as local external storage.

(see Red square of death when I try and add a local drive using the "External storages" plugin - Ubuntu Server)

Would installing smbclient help? I don’t have access to the server at the moment to try it!

Many thanks.

For local external storage, you won’t need the smbclient plugin. You have to make sure that the webserver user (Ubuntu: www-data) has the permission to access this local folder (which in return can be a network storage but this is managed by your OS). Don’t forget the parent folder!

Hi tflidd - I am getting this error in my NextCloud logfile:

stat(): stat failed for /media/hdd1/ at /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php#140

Any idea what it means?

I have run

sudo chmod -R 0750 /media/
sudo chmod -R 0750 /media/hdd1/

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /media/
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /media/hdd1/

I am SURE the permissions are correct!!!