Do different Nextcloud versions affect download and upload speeds?

I’m using Nextcloud version 27 and the maximum upload speed is 350mbps and download speed is 1000mbps. But when I use Nextcloud 28 or 29, the upload speed is 500mbps and download speed is 1000mbps. Why is the upload speed limited on Nextcloud 27 or older, but not limited on Nextcloud 28 or newer? My internet speed is 500mbps upload and 1000mbps download.

Hi @tsaenchon

I can’t provide a definitive answer to your question, so just a few random thoughts…

First of all, the performance of Nextcloud depends on many things, so to be even remotely meaningful, your tests would have to be run under strictly controlled conditions, i.e. same operating system, identical configuration (web server, PHP, database, etc.), identical hardware, identical network infrastructure, identical set of files used for the test, etc… And even if the test conditions were perfect, the results may still not be universally applicable, i.e. they may only apply to your specific setup.

But let’s assume for a moment that 28 and 29 are indeed faster than 27, I’d say the most likely explanation would be that optimizations and improvements have been made to the code in the meantime, I mean, it’s the newer versions that are faster, right? :wink:

Also, since NC27 is already end-of-life and both currently supported versions (28 and 29) are equally faster, I’d say just use one of them and enjoy the higher upload speed :slight_smile:


thanks @bb77
This is likely because newer versions often have performance updates and improved code.