DNS conflict Problem


I have a trouble with my dns configuration. I use NextCloud at home on RasperryPi and everything is fine. But now I installed MeshCentral on another RaspberryPi. On local network everything is fonctional.

I use DuckDns.org for using NextCloud and MeshCentral outside out of my network. NextCloud work, but when I want connect on the DNS adress of my MeshCentral I’m on an NextCloud page ‘‘Access through untrusted domain’’. But I dont want this address point on NextCloud but MeshCentral.

In my DuckDns page the two domain names are different but the ip address are the same, maby it’s the problem. But when i change manually the ip, my MeshCentral domain name doesn’t work.

Maby someone has already had this kind of conflict.

Thank a lot and have a nice week end.


You can use a reverse proxy (or proxy one from the other) and use virtual hosts to serve different sites from the same IP address.

Hi KarlF12,

Thank you, I will try this.