Distribution of folders not permitted / Das Weiterverteilen ist nicht erlaubt

Version 13.0.4

Hi, we activated the group folder app, created group folders, groups and users.
Users were assigned to groups.
Groups were assigned to group folders.
However, which ever folder I want to share with a group produces this message “distribution not permitted”.
I am admin and member of all groups but I cant share them.
No error logs can be found neither in nextcloud nor in the console.

Also it’s not possible to add groups to users. I can open the Group dropdown and add a group to a user. After reloading though, the group is gone again. Right now, only our programmer can add a group to my user on the console.

We still maintain another nextcloud which served as a test system. with that one we have no problems at all. Same app activated, same settings.


Hello NoTan,
Edit: NC 14.0.1
I’ve got the same issue and I don’t know where to find some more logs to circle this.
The options in the share settings have no effect on this.

Anybody else around who can help with this?


I have also a fresh NC14.0.3 installation and the same issue. i cannot share a single file.
I noticed that not only group folders or files, i cannot share even personal files…

Ajustments > sharing > is on default values, share by link is checked, all permissions

So I tried to disable: File Sharing, and the icons disappeared.
Reactivated it and noticed sometihing in the description of the plugin:

This application enables users to share files within Nextcloud. IF ENABLED, THE ADMIN CAN CHOOSE WHICH GROUPS CAN SHARE FILES. The applicable users can then share files and folders with other users and groups within Nextcloud. In addition, if the admin enables the share link feature, an external link can be used to share files with other users outside of Nextcloud.

So if you check the settings, there is no way to define which groups can share files. This can explain the problem.
Funny thing is also the adjustments appear not to be saved when you change them…

javascript also throws an error when you click on share:

I’ve updated to NC 14.0.4, latest stable version.
Issue “Sharing ist not allowed” or “Das Weiterverteilen ist nicht erlaubt” exists still.
Is there any solution for to share a file per link ?

Ok, I may be up on something:
I recently had to modify the .htaccess file (some rewrite rules), and without even noticing at first, sharing suddenly worked.

I would suggest for testing reasons to backup your existing htaccess files and use a fresh one, then adding rules one by one.
As mentioned, in my case it was a rewrite rule which somehow produced this behaviour apparently…

Where to finde .htaccess file and what did you modify ?
I’ve updated now to 14.0.6 with same Problem.

it is in root directory of your NC installation, e.g. under /var/www/nextcloud/.htaccess. Be careful, you can expose your root folder to internet and it will be huge security breach.

I also did update today and just test it with default htaccess from the installation and I have no group folder App installed (simple user able to create shares with groups, but it is a bit differen from what Group folder does):

  1. I can assign Groups to folder
  2. I can assign users to groups.
  3. Sharing works - folder appears in all users belongs to groups.

May be you should try to delete group folder app and install it again? Or try to open a ticket here: https://github.com/nextcloud/groupfolders/issues

In my case it was NOT the nextcloud .htaccess under /var/www/nextcloud/.htaccess
but the main htaccess of the www folder /var/www/.htaccess
on my hosting it’s under /home/username/public_html/.htaccess
So it was an upper level .htaccess

(on some installs if you access the file manager via cpanel it is not shown as it is a “dot” file which sometimes it’s hidden, although it’s there. You would have to change configuration of the file manager to see dot-files )

In my case it was a very specific problem of several rewrite rules whcih were executed too early and contained the term nextcloud. (In detail it was a hosting specific issue with subdomains and redirects) So apparently these were causing a conflict with the sharing functionality…

hey, sorry for delay. But now i’ve found out, why i can’t sharing my folders and files.
I have a mounted network folder from my NAS in nextcloud. If i want to share files from this network drive via nextcloud “Sharing is not allowed”.
If i create a new folder and a new file at nextcloud homepage i can share folders and files :slight_smile:
So reason is the network folder …