Display problem after search usage in web

Hi, we discovered a display problem with search usage for folders. After searching for a folder, that is contained in your current view, you have to ways to go into the folder.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. User search and go for pattern matching a folder of your current view
    1a Search result listing in the right top (slower than option 1b)
    1b Listing of matching content to your search pattern in your current folder/view (usually displayed instantly)
  2. Select 1b
  3. NC web goes into the selected directory, but it will be displayed as being empty.

Also no content is displayed, after I select the folder again in the top directory listing after clicking on folder name.

Only way to get the content displayed, is to go back to home and brows to the folder without search usage.

Or with F5 to refresh, because URL is the same as when browsing to the sub folder

We use NC stable version 22.2.3 Not sure if it is only related to this version, we just noticed this yet.
With PHP 7.4.3
OS we use is Linux 5.4.0-91
DB is running on mysql 8.0.25

Would be nice if other can agree if this is a general and maybe already known bug, or if this is somehow related to our setup.

I meet this problem too, after typing a keyword in search, some folders display empty, need a refresh, and contents will show well.

this only appears when the user clicks the folder in the pages table, if they clicked folder under the search input form it will display well.

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For me it is only happens when there are a lot of files in the folder and searched files is quite blow in folder. Seems some internal timeout meet.

When file is on the 1st / 2nd page, opens 100% with no problems and files are listed.

Could be that it depends on the server performance?

My bad, behavior is technically correct, but I guess most users expect it different.

The entered search pattern is kept.

So, the view, remails/ still applies to the search pattern. If I remove them in the search, I get all displayed.

The behavior is different, when I select a search result, from search. Because for sure, I’ve probably found what I’ve been looking for.

Maybe this behavior can also be applied to the search usage and then browsing into matching folders.

And a F5 refresh removes the entered search pattern, which is why the full content is then being listed.

would be cool to be able to disable this