Display an Image, wich onclick open's a fullscreen View

Hi Together,
I would like to modify an app, so that an image open’s in full screen on click.
At the moment the image looks like this:
Generated with the following line of code:

var previewUrl = _app.generatePreviewUrl(marker.data.path);
var img = "<img src=" + previewUrl + "/>"

generatePreviewUrl: function (filename) {
    return "/index.php/core/preview.png?file=" + encodeURI(filename) + "&x=375&y=211&a=1";

I would like to open the following view on Click.

I searched the docs for some time now, but couldn’t anything useful getting me closer to my goal.
Where do I have to look to get closer to this?
Or does someone has a tip how to do this?