Display a list of all apps on Apps page? Search for all?

I can search for apps, but what do I search for on the Apps page to see ALL apps in a list?

Afaik it’s not possible from the UI of your Nextcloud. But you can list all the available apps here: https://apps.nextcloud.com/

Ah that’s too bad. Odd, seems like a simple thing to have.

Somehow my database reverted after a system restart so apps installed after current database appear as installed with version “0” for all those broken apps. Version only shows up in list of apps, so I have to disable and then reinstall the apps one by one since I can’t get a list of all the apps available… :grimacing:

By “ALL apps” do you mean all apps that were already installed? These can of course be listed in the Nextcloud UI. There are filters in the sidebar on the left side for active and inactive apps.

Why do you need that in order to reinstall all the previous installed apps? Sorry I don’t really get what you are trying to achieve…

ALL apps meaning all apps installed and not. If you use the search at the top right, 2 character input min will show apps matching those characters: regardless if they’re installed or not. The panel on the lft doesn’t have “other category” as an option, and other than bundles the specified categories show block-view of the apps.

A solution could be to create a “All apps” link on the left -or- create search term “all” to show all available apps as a list.

Ah ok. I would take a screenshot of all the installed apps. Then diasable and remove them all and re-ininstall them one by one. Not ideal, but should not take you more than 20 minutes I guess :wink:

Perhaps you like the occ options:
Apps commands