Disk full in a VM without being really full

Hey forumists,

I’m just not getting the problem. But first: here’s what happened…

I upgraded my VM (official, by @enoch85) to NC 23.0.3. It went smooth like always. Then I came up with the idea of installing backup-app for using it. I might have misconfigurated it since after a day or so I was receiving emails that some snapshots (hourly) couldn’t get stored on a certain path because there was no space left. I noticed that I couldn’t correctly login via WebGUI as well… Meaning: I could enter credentials but then it stalled and gave me some errorcode. At the same time I can sync dates, appointments, contacts, access shares, etc. Just not via WebGUI. So NC is responsive.

So I thought to myself: yeah the heck just delete this additional data from /mnt/ncdata and it’ll be good, don’t forget to occ app:disable backup again and stop all zfs-cronjobs.
Which I successfully did.
Though the error remains: no space left. And my 40GB disk is only filled up to 29,7GB. Though it claims that disk is full. I dunno why. (I still can’t use WebGUI))

Right now I think it’s not neccessarily a NC problem. BUt who knows?!
At least I don’t know how to proceed further. (And please don’t touch the “backups”-subject, I, myself, DELETED it in sheer blondness :roll_eyes: )

So whatever information you’d need, just let me know and I’ll be getting it.

Thanks in advance for all your help

This happened for me, but it wasn’t a VM (also someone I know had the same problem). In both cases, the guilty was the Ubuntu 20.04. Somehow it fails to use all the space during the installation if you accept things as default. If you’re using Ubuntu, take care to define the partition size during installation. Otherwise, you can fix the partition size afterwards but you’ll need to google it

thanks for the hint!

I think it was correctly formatted until the disc-full error appeared for the first time. (I mean it WAS full). So then it somehow got biassed. I dunno how.

Another possibility:

I had just one nextcloud user with, say, 100GB used on a 250Gb disc. The drive size wasn’t displayed to the standard user (not Admin). To the Admin, it was indeed showing 250GB, but on the system, it was showing a fuller disc (say, 200GB).

Turns out, I had mounted an external disc somewhere (maybe /mnt/) that I used in nextcloud, and for reasons unknown, the space used in it was being deducted from the 250 SSD. It was like the contents were edited and saved on the SSD, so much so that after ejecting the drive, some contents stayed on /mnt/externaldrive

I bet someone down here can shed some light on this.

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If you run ZFS (which you probably are) then you can delete all the snapshots in the disk. ZFS automates the snapshots and stores like every hour or so…

So to free up some space, that’s where I’d start to look. Run this script with $1 set to 1s:


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That did it! Thanks so much! :heart_eyes_cat:

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