Discussing possible Projects development & future usage in Nextcloud

Continuing the discussion from Evernote Replacement:

Projects themselves are still unclear. Having a Project View would a massive step towards more clearly tracking what is a part of any particular project.

Based on the apps I’ve found the most useful since 2017, here are some ways they could potentially integrate together to improve their usefulness and flow more seamlessly as a Project.


Sync’ed by root directory between a number of devices via Floccus. About 4,000 bookmarks

  • Folders give the quickest method to segregate which bookmarks go to which device. Not great for context of the bookmarks since the folders become more about about the devices they sync to.
  • Tags can be useful, but grow confusing since they relate to /Floccus/Device/Happiness despite the original tag being Happiness. Adding and removing devices adds to complexity.
  • Description Notes give the deepest context when searching back through the webui for what a specific bookmark relates to.
    • No ability to view or edit the description notes in the Notes app (see continued explanation below).


Easy to sync if locally stored in /Notes. Notes treated as basic text and markdown files.

  • Drop and Drop is not supported. You must write everything in manually if you want to embed photos or similar.
  • Tags are present under the Details menu, but do serve any clear function within the app.
  • Nested folders add context to the app’s menu.
  • Federated directories mapped into /Notes/ make the app very slow to open and save edits.
  • Lack of compatibility with other apps which also support markdown notes in different locations.
    Most of my notes remain spread across the Notes directories of multiple, federated Nextcloud instances, in additional to local markdown notes found within: Tasks, Deck, Bookmarks, Contacts, Joplin (additional folder locations importing 10gb of Evernote storage).


Add markdown notes to Tasks.

Tasks themselves can be handled in a very similar manner to the Deck app. In fact, it would be amazing to view Tasks as a Deck board, or vice versa. I find Tasks works well as a list, while Deck works well as a sort of project flash card view… it is a shame they cannot work together.


Organize items as cards within a board and possibly even a team of users.

  • Unable to attach file and folders from the file system.
  • Cannot connect Deck related URL’s and markdown notes with other apps.


User created groups known as Circles. Simplifies sharing.

  • Lots of potential for integrating circles with projects rather than just individual users.
  • Unable to quickly view what is actually shared within a circle. Would great benefit from some sort of project view for Circles owners as well as members.


Quick leave a text comment, visible to other users. See this deeper dive on Comments.

  • No clear visibility of comments from the Files app.
  • Only visible to users of your local server.
  • Silently fails to be seen by all federated users.
  • No markdown support
  • Commentst be written or accessed from the Notes app, Talk app, Photos app.


  • Can contain notes, but those notes are not accessible from Notes app.
  • URL’s not accessible from the Bookmarks app.

Dashboard expected version 20

  • Could prove useful as a way of tracking not only planned, individual apps, but projects themselves.
  • Comments widget would be awesome.
  • Tracking dashboard items based on a tag rather than an app.

Not a complete list, but enough to hopefully spur some discussion!


I was also looking at the project feature again and had to google first how to use it. Could be such a useful feature, but it seems to be abandoned by the devs.

The Nextcloud developers should give this feature serious attention. In order to make it more user-friendly they should do the following: