Discourse is awesome, are you running it on Docker?

I’m a big fan of discourse and have been considering setting it up locally, but I’m not a fan of having to run Docker to do so.

Are you guys running it on Docker or did you follow another installation method to get it running on bare metal?

If you’re looking for some instructions:

If you’ve set up Rails app before, the only tricky part with this app is the virtualhost config.

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I’ll give that tutorial a go, thanks @oparoz!

We’re running it here on this server on Docker. There is a virtual machine that runs the Docker container. The advantage being the one-click update via GUI :slight_smile:


Excellent, thanks for the info @LukasReschke!

Another alternative is to use the packages from https://packager.io/gh/pkgr/discourse, at the moment available for Debian7, Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04

Thanks very much! Would you consider it stable at the moment on that platform?

I am using those packages in production on a very low volume forum, for more than a year: https://forum.openpetra.org
I migrated in September 2014 from a phpBB forum to Discourse using those packages: http://www.pokorra.de/2014/09/migrate-phpbb-forum-to-discourse-using-the-ubuntu-packages-from-packager-io/

This is excellent. Thank you very much!

Got it up and running - that’s was crazy simple. Thanks again.

You might be interested, I run discourse with docker and compose: