Disconnect external storage / change config / cant issue occ have no shell

thanks a lot, i disabled external storage and was able to login again:)

UPDATE nc_appconfig SET configvalue = ‘no’ WHERE nc_appconfig.appid = ‘files_external’ AND nc_appconfig.configkey = ‘enabled’;

If you open number 2 (only admins can do that) you should be able to change everything.

I see, i was in the wrong menu…

I’d guess your initial problem is that your hoster probably blocks the outgoing alternative sftp port. I am not familiar with cpanel. Can you configure firewall settings? Check your hosters FAQ’s or submit a support ticket.

i guess thats the problem as i configured it now and still:

“Connection refused at /home/…/public_html/nc/3rdparty/phpseclib/phpseclib/phpseclib/Net/SSH2.php#1152”

1152 is a error handling routine
if (!$this->fsock) {
$host = $this->host . ‘:’ . $this->port;
user_error(rtrim(“Cannot connect to $host. Error $errno. $errstr”));
return false;

bit there is no 111 definition. anyway its not getting out i think, i will look into a ticket. thank you!

111 means “connection refused” and that perfectly fits to a blocked port.

You have made some changes to php files before, right? Don’t forget to revert them.