Disallowed Port 80, now letsencrypt cert is expired

I’ve searched for the answer, but just can’t find it.

I have had port 80 disabled, and of course the cert is now expired.

How do I trigger a renewal manually? AIO 28?

Thank you for your support!

Hi, you should open port 80 again and then restart the mastercontainer. Then open the aio interface on port 8443 and then in principle a renewal should be triggered. The container logs should be helpful if that doesnt work

Thank you for helping me. Port 80 open, NC AIO restarted through AIO interface. Still SSL errors. How can I read the logs though the CLI terminal?

docker logs nextcloud-aio-apache showed failed connections to my outside IP, which have me questioning the firewall rules, which of course I saw did include a geolocation rule. Disabling that rule and restarting AIO from the AIO interface renewed the LE certs and now it’s working again.