Disabled users still receive email notifications

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Hi I got a VERY BIG problem!

Nextcloud version : 12.0.29

Nextcloud sends notification to users profiles that are disabled.

I got a “dev” install that uses the same LDAP. For test purpose I have disabled most of them.

But all users continue to receives email nofications!

any info about how to stop this?

No one has an idea?

I have about 1250 users in my LDAP… they are all receiving the notifications…

People usually don’t reply here or anywhere when asking for support. I have a lot of issues reported and all of them have been ignored.


If replies are missing it is often because important details are missing. In the forum guidelines are some hints, what infos to post and to ideally use the issue template (the Nextcloud app) as it collects most of the necessary information automatically.

Do you have a test system where you could try out with the latest version NC13? It brings some improvements to ldap if I remember correctly.

You are not helping here as well. You could have made a difference here :wink:

This bug is simple. Users still receive notifications while their accounts are disabled.
Disabled means disabled… nothing should works for this.

Okay… will take look at the code.

LDAP is mostly used by enterprise users, so there are not so many community users who have a setup to verify your problem. It sounds like a bug for me if disabled accounts are notified. Feel free to open a bug report on https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

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Hi @jacestk

I tested the behavior with disabled users on my server now and don’t see any notifications for disabled users. Hence, for my setup it is working as expected.

I’m running NC13 though and don’t use ldap. Therefor I can’t check if this is an ldap related issue or if it is just an issue with NC12.0 which has been fixed in later versions.
As written: if there is the chance to try out a later version of NC (maybe NC12.0.5), I would suggest that as a first step.

I have tried the 12.0.5 update, but got other problems with IE 11.

So you can’t test with Firefox for now? There is a portable version of firefox, if you are not allowed to install software on your system.
Just an idea.

Nope, I’m working for local Health Services. We use IE11 on win7Pro.
Will try to upgrade to N13.

Just trying to help you avoid the effort to upgrade for now: do you have Wifi there and could access the server with a smartphone? There you could use pretty much every browser you want. Just for some test for now.

No the server is on my work network with no Internet access (too risky for all datas on it and on the 200+ servers :wink:)
I have to make “by hand” the upgrades. Will try this in a couple of hours when will be in place.