Disable User's Account [Request]

Hello all,

So far, NC has a lot of features, but disable user’s account is not available.
Therefore, I would like to have an option to disable user’s account as part of the admin’s control settings in the future release.
Currently, there is only create & delete accounts.



Yes I agree with @tx7

Count me in please - I’m waiting since ever for this feature :slight_smile:

In the first place we don’t need fancy multiple user selection or an additional hamburger-menu, like it’s a suggested “in work” plan for NC 12 on github since last summer.

Just like all other functions don’t have multiple user selected execution, this feature doesn’t need it either - for a NC 11.x version at least.

Changing password every time I want to disable temporary access for a user is ok, but boring. A simple “active” flag would help a lot.


I agree, I know you can do it via occ command but I don’t want to remote into my sever to do that, I should be able to do it via web.

@AndyXheli - dito :slight_smile:

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That’s your problem. :wink:
occ works good for the moment.

Than you have to wait for Nextcloud 12.

I’ll wait, I have no issue with that. It would be a awesome feature as well as being able to clear severs logs via web. Admins able to few the longs but once longs have been resolved, admins should be able to clear them via web.

A little flag labeled “A” in NC 11.x would be very comfortable though :wink:

I prefer disable user(s) from the web rather than OCC; life’s easier for everybody.
If I delete the user account, is the user’s data still there?

Disabling by occ ist btw not an option if you’re on the road and got no VPN to ssh into your nat-ed server.


I agree with @MikeLupe. Also i think it would be a good idea if admin can change user profile pictures.

Would be nice @AndyXheli - but I think we should stick to “disable user” in this thread, maybe the chance gets bigger to get it prior to NC12 :slight_smile:


Thank you! and that sounds like a plan, Do we know when NC12 is coming out?

Don’t forget about disableing ldap users either :slight_smile:

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Are there any news on this feature request, or is it still totally out of scope?

It’s done! Disabling user exists since 12.0.0 in the big mac menu :wink:

Thank you, whoever implemented it!

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