Disable uploads by deafult / default quota 0 switches to "unlimited"

Nextcloud version: 14.0.3
Apache on Linux Server
PHP 7.2 / MySQL / Browser: Chrome & Firefox
Fresh install of Nextcloud for testing purpose. Just the default apps are installed

I want to disable uploads for all users, except the admin. That is my goal.
I’ve read that i can do this by setting the quota to zero. This works, but only if done manually for every user.

If i go to the global user settings and change the “default quota” (bottom left) to 0 or none or 0 B … it first shows “none” and it looks good, but it doesn’t get saved.

When i come back to the global user setting, the default quota says “unlimited” and newly created accounts get an unlimited quota.

If this doesn’t work it would be alright for me if there is another way to disable uploads by default.

I switched languages and thought maybe it could have to do something with this but i switched back to english and it is still saving “unlimted” when inserting 0 or none.

if i insert 0 to a certain user: this get’s saved. but it would be much better to be the default setting.

How about you set the quota to 1Byte (1 B)?

When i enter 1 B it get’s saved. I thought if i can set it to 0 the upload button would also disappear. but it is still there. so there is no big difference between 0 B and 1 B. Thank you, this could be the solution for me

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