Disable unshare action or bring back an unshared folder

Ehi guys,
first, Nextcloud is getting a valuable project! Thanks everyone for your work.

With some installations I have this kind of issue as nextcloud is used by the company to share stuff with clients, what happens is that If a user unshares a file/folder from themselves there is no way to bring the share back.
Although such files/folders need to be always visible, the company doesn’t accept that behaviour.

Owncloud guys suggested this solution:

We should have a sidebar entry “rejected shares” (or similar) which lists all shares a user unshared from themself until the owner unshares the file. This enabled the user to bring back a share if they unshared the file by accident. Currently there is no way to bring back a share after the user unshared it from themself.

What do you think?


For group shares there is actually a plan to make this happen. With rejected shares.

However with user2user shares we need to find a way to properly display this in the UI from the sharer perspective. But in the end the whole sharing dialog probably need a redisign anyways.

For the technical side this is not that big of a change but we need to make sure the UX is somewhat intuitive.
Fits in somewhat with https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/434

@jan Prepare for me to bug you about this next week :wink:


Thanks for replying, in the user2user perspective having the chance of unsharing something is correct. In my use case, there is a subject who wants share something (like an FTP public repo) and don’t like those users have the opportunity of changing/reject/delete shares. Is it enough clear?

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