Disable the download on click behavior in webclient?

I’ve been using Owncloud for years and recently moved over to Nextcloud. I rarely use the web client so haven’t brought this up in the past but I’ve been meaning to. The behavior I’m talking about (on both O and N) has always been unexpected and frankly, off-putting. I’m referring to the way that when the user clicks on a file, the browser immediately starts to download the file. I’m not familiar with any other platform that works this way. Usually there is some way of selecting the file first, and then clicking to download or some other function related to the selection. Generally when I see a file in a list I expect to be able to click on it to get some additional info or options. Is there any way to change the way this works?

I think the download is not normal. Compare with this version:

Please check your configuration e.g. installed php-packages.
Please check with another browser.
Please post more details.