Disable Quota Errors and Warnings


ist there a way to disable Eroors and Warnings in the webinterface about quota errors?

Background: Im using NextCloud with a Univention Corporate Server for schools. The server has an LDAP and Samba backend. All samba Homes and groupshares are added as external sources.
But nextcloud is keeping its own userfilestorage as the rootdir. So the user has the nextcloud home and the Samba home in Nextcloud and all the nextcloud files are missing in Samba.

It’s possible to set the NC quota to 0, so the user can only work with the external mounted Samba share. This works fine.

But when I access / in the webinterface i get a bunch of errors about the full quota, which is a very bad user experience. Besides that the “Usage Indicator” on the left downside always shows, the nextcloud drive as full.

At least error messages should be supressed. Disabeling the Usage Indicator would also be nice.

Thanks for your help