Disable Onlyoffice Spell Checker

Hi friends,
I have a Nextcloud + Onlyoffice instance, managed on my own.
I would like to completely disable the Onlyoffice spell checker by default. Users might have the option to enable it if they want, but I’m also happy with disabling it entirely.

Why: It’s just personal preference. Most of the time, spell checkers only distract me from what I’m trying to do. Most people can spell correctly on their own, and if they misspell, there is usually no big issue with that. I simply don’t like spell checkers.

Thanks for any advice.

Try the onlyoffice documentation and forum. Should also be available on github and internet searches.

Hi, thanks for helping but I had not found any solution for what I’m trying to do. I want to disable spell check by default in the documentservice configuration, not temporarily in my browser. I have searched through all configuration files in /etc/onlyoffice/ already and didn’t find an obvious way to disable the spell checker.