Disable notifications for upcomming events in iOS App

Hey Guys,

i’m hosting my own Server and use it on various clients. Here is my Setup:


  • Nextcloud 21.0.4 on QNAP NAS from official docker image


  • iPhone, iPad
  • different Android devices
  • Windows clients

I have integrated the calenders using calDav in my iphone and DavX5 in my wifes android.
For upcomming events i get a notification from my iphones calender app and also 2 (?!?)! from the installed nextcloud App on my iPhone (see screenshot attached).
It seems to happen only for events my wife created on android in our family calender but i’m not sure.

How can i get rid of those notifications from the NC App?
I don’t want to disable notifications at all! Just the calender notifications as i get them from calender app.

2021-11-29 13-34-24-0