Disable iOS Files Integration from Server

Does anyone know if it’s possible to disable the iOS Files Integration from the server so all users are affected. I know you can disable it individually on the App but we would like to set a policy to disable this functionality for all users. (While a cool feature, this is required by the security team of our customers)

I had a dive though the options but didn’t find anything on the server admin page, and only saw the option in the App itself.

Many Thanks!

I think this is no security risk. I do not use iOS but i think then there are other ways for exchange files between iOS (bad internet) and Nextcloud (company server). In this case do not use Nextcloud with iOS or iOS with Nextcloud. But perhaps your security experts allow iCloud :wink: Also do not allow internet access on company clients (PCs).

Wiith this security experts, it’s no wonder Nextcloud and other free software isn’t catching on. In the end, nextcloud is not used because it does not integrate into the apple ecosystem as well as apple itself.


Perhaps you can better invest money in security training for all users.
Security training for Nextcloud, iOS and the handling of the company data.

Im no developer and no iOS expert but I don’t see any way how you could disable a client-side feature like this globally from the server-side. But you could probably fork the app respective compile a version yourself, in which that feature is disabled. In combination with an MDM solution like Apple MDM, the customer could then probably prevent users from installing the original Nextcloud app from the AppStore.