Disable files_trashbin and files_versions for certain users or group but not for all

I am using the latest NC on CentOS7 VM. All is well.

My Question however is, is it possible to disable files_trashbin and files_versions for certain users or user groups but not for everyone?

I am using NC to keep my files in Sync and available online through NC, todo this I have a main user and some sub-users for each device i.e.

main user: john
for laptop: john-laptop
for desktop: john-desktop
for netbook: john-netbook

main-user has among others, folders like:

  • laptop-Desktop
  • laptop-Documents
  • laptop-Downloads
  • laptop-Music
  • laptop-Pictures
  • laptop-Videos

laptop-DIRECTORIES are shared with user john-laptop
desktop-DIRECTORIES are shared with user john-dektop

on each Device I have NC Client installed, it keeps the folders in Sync. Each Device has access to its specific folders, but at the same time main-user: john has access to all of them togather.

But any sub-user i.e. john-laptop deletes a file, the file gets moved to two places
files_trashbin of john-laptop
files_trashbin of john

if john-laptop deletes the file from trash, file is deleted from files_trashbin of john-laptop but not from files_trashbin of john.

So I was thinking, if it can be possible to disable files_trashbin and files_versions for some users or a user group, even if that means sub-users lose the ability to restore a deleted file because in case a file needs to be recovered, it is still in the files_trashbin of main-user i.e. john

is it possible? (I don’t think so)
if yes, then how to achieve it?