Disable file restoration


I would like to know how disabling file restoration by users, just Admin could restore a file version.

I’m asking this, because users are restoring file versions and ereasing new modifications on the file.


By marking the file read-only to the users you want to block from doing that.
As long as the file is writable to the user, there will always be a risk that the user will overwrite it with something you don’t want, whether they pull it through the “Versions” plug-in, or from their local disk.

You can also provide them with a location they can write their own “new” file to to take care of the problem where they wouldn’t be able to save their modifications. This could be in the same directory if you use group folders with ACL.

Thank you Larry,

In my Nexcloud, i couldn’t see version files, but the problem is on Collabora, we need to click twice on Save Icon.

Let me explain better, every time i was saving an update, Nexcloud wasnt showing me file versions, but this was because Collabora.