Disable 'download all files' only

Quite pleased with nextcloud, saves me a few quid over MEGA. i have it working nicely but i am wondering is it possible to stop people just being to click the ‘download all files’ and raping every file, i dont have an issue with people downloading the files they need or want as it is for support, i am more concerned that other people will just grab the whole archive, i know they could download each file one at a time but that would be time consuming and i dont want it to be made easy to do, is it possible to still allow any files to be downloaded but just not have the whole folder raped ?

Maybe you can use

Custom CSS - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

But i do not know the setting.

Also with /download added to the share the download is possible.

I installed the plugin and this css code removes the button for me:

#body-public .header-right #header-primary-action a {
visibility: hidden;

i added it under “Design” in the Settings

Yes. But the user can add /download to the share and then download all as zip file.

Who can see files or download them individually, always has access to all files. Whether now rather simple or difficult is then only the actual question.