Disable desktop sync from outside the subnet

Nextcloud version: 19
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

I’ve several subnet each interconnected by VPN. In each subnet there is a NC with a group of users. Bandwidth between subnet is not enoght to allow an user connected from another subnet to sync with the NC which it belong to.

I did it by editing /var/www/nextcloud/.htaccess:
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^192.168.
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^.(stable-Win64).$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.mync.com/index.php/login [L,R=301]

Is there a clean way to do it, I mean by the web in settings or some app?

Thanks in advance

Why not with flow based on “block access to file” ?

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It worked as expected.