Disable CTRL+F hijacking

Nextcloud version: 20.0.8 (this issue has been around for a while).

I’m not sure where to ask, I couldn’t find other topics, sorry if this has been already dealt with.

I’d really like to be able to disable Ctrl + F hijacking. The global search thing can be very practical, but, I also use my browsers search functionality and the hijacking basically makes using the browser’s built-in search function very hacky (I have to press Ctrl + F + F, try to re-click the search box to move it out of the way and then go back to the browser’s search box…).

I often need to search on the page itself, but the Ctrl + F hijacking is making this very very (very) impractical.

I guess this is “support” if there’s a way to disable it, but perhaps this is feature request which I believe would be really beneficial. I would prefer to do Ctrl + F + F to activate Nextcloud’s search rather than the opposite.



I’d prefer Ctrl + Shift + F for custom search hooks :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess you’ll need to open an issue at GitHub, maybe there even is already one about this topic… :man_shrugging:

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If someone is still looking for answers, in Firefox you can prevent a domain from hijacking all keyboard shortcuts: Firefox Page Info window | Firefox Help

I don’t know whether this will also disable some actually useful Nextcloud shortcuts, and I don’t think Firefox provides any finer controls than a full block, but for now I’m happy to block everything just to get rid of the Ctrl+F hijack.

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Oh my gosh this is great !

For info, one must be on the concerned web page, then click “Tools” → “Page Info” (or CTRL+I, but that might be hijacked too), then goto “Permissions” and uncheck “Override Keyboard Shortcuts”.

I feel this extremely annoying, if i press ctrl-f i want to use the browser search function, not search the whole server

use cases: i have a very long note or deck note, want to search someone

there’s a way to block this on chromium browsers?

It will be possible to fisable keyboard shortcuts with NC25 IIRC.
See Add global setting to disable keyboad shortcuts by nickvergessen · Pull Request #34081 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Wonderful, thank you