Disable creation of just folders not files

Good Afternoon,

We are trying to figure out how to block users from creating folders.
We have a set structure to our folders and cannot have users creating new folders.
We want them to be able to upload new files to the current folders and view files within them, but not add any new folders.
I have been searching all over the last couple of weeks and have come up with nothing.
Is there a way to do this?
Maybe with a very complicated sharing rules, setup?
Or the file access control plugin?
Or even if it is a more technical form, such as changing settings in our Linux server.
Even if it enforces it on all users, I do not mind this if I can change the ability to create folders in anyway, it would be a step forward.

I have been asked more and more often when this can be done as its affecting productivity at this point by adding confusion.
I would think, there has to be a way to do this? Am I wrong ?

Thanks for any advice/help in advance guys, it will be greatly appreciated.


Did you ever find a solution to your folder creation limit requirements?


There is a solution to this issue?


I am also looking a solution for this user folder creation limit ?