Disable creation of "default" calendar possible?

I have a nextcloud instance where a bunch of people will share a calendar. Last year’s feedback has taught me, that some appointments went “missing” - further investigation revealed that people added appointments to their own private calendars instead of the group calendar.

I would like to configure nextcloud to not give everyone a personal calendar by default. I don’t have a problem with people creating their own calendars if they choose. I just don’t want to greet every single user with two (or more) calendars, one of which most won’t use at all. Worse: one of which may confuse them.

In short: how can I stop nextcloud to create a user’s default calendar?

Currently there is no direct way to do this.
So you would need to remove the following code lines yourself

Nextcloud 11:

Nextcloud 10:

You would need to do that on every release.

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Thanks for the Code-Snipper! That way I found another workaround:

If I share a calendar with them right from the start (via a group for example), before they even have a chance to login, then no calendar will be created. This should work well enough. I wasn’t able to confirm it for nextcloud 11, but for nextcloud 10 it does exactly that :slight_smile:


Yeah we “fixed” this unintended behaviour for 11, it will only consider user calendars in 11, not shared calendars.

since you did not mention which function these old code snippets belong to, could you please tell us, where to look at current release?

We are also interested to allow only group-calenders but no personal-calendars


@nickvergessen is there a solution yet?
Its been more then four years and users still dont understand that events in the personal calendar are not shared by default… :upside_down_face:
This (probably easy) feature would be a big advantage.

Same here
(friendly push/reminder)