Disable contact/user search

For privacy reasons I want to completely disable the ability to search for other contacts/users, i.e. get the respective icon removed, which is next to the profile icon.

Apart from potentially “tweaking” the code (which I want to avoid) I haven’t found a proper setting (eg in config.php). I may have it overlooked though …

I found a “tweak” which however requires a change in the source:

Remove from \nextcloud\core\templates\layout.user.php
the code from line 106 within the marked box.

From the missing responses I conclude that there obviously is no other solution. In my case, many people shall be given access to files in the cloud. The current implementation, the ability to see everyone else’s name and email address from the same group, would require the individual consent from all people according to EU privacy laws.

I wonder whether a requirement for the implementation of my request has not yet been raised?

Do you have any solution?
I have the same problem. I cannot allow a situation where someone is browsing the list of my users or clients using a search engine.

It isn’t possible to search via any search engine. But you can once you have an account on the server and are browsing contacts.

As I understand it, this option should prevent Nextcloud users from finding each other.

  1. Open Settings (/index.php/settings/admin/sharing)
  2. Disable “Allow username autocompletion in share dialog”

This is what I meant.
I have my clients accounts on the platform and I need to separate them completely.
I cannot allow a situation where one client is browsing the list of my another clients using a search engine.

@rkaktus You mean the public Nextcloud profile.

This can be deactivated as follows ins your config.php file:

'profile.enabled' => false,

See Nextcloud Documentation.

See if these solve your issue.

Great advice, this seems to work!

The only exception is that you still can look-up another’s user e-mail address if you know the user’s login name.