Disable Collabora for non authenticated users on public links

We’ve properly configured our CODE collabora instance to work internally. But it was a surprise when we found that when we create public links for odt, csv, docx… files, the collabora environment opens automatically when a non identified user reaches the endpoint. User is only allowed to view and download.

This could be a desirable behaviour in some cases, but we would like to avoid it for non-authorized users, just present the download page. Is there any setting that I could use to fix it? Nothing found on Nextcloud/Office config page or Collabora settings.

I think it is intentional. So you have a kind of Office viewer similar to the PDF viewer.

As a workaround you can append a “/download” to the URL. Then the user will be offered a download directly. This works whether you allow downloads or not.

https://cloud.server.tld/s/aaEdt5dF7Qmebbn (Nextcloud Office, ...)

https://cloud.server.tld/s/aaEdt5dF7Qmebbn/download (Download)

Thank you @devnull, I’ll take note of your workaround. Another one (a bit more complicated) is to put it into zip file, but definitely yours is better.

However, I don’t expect my users were able to remember that trick. Anyway we will document it in our FAQs.


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