Disable automount of external storages

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Nextcloud 20.0.8

Hi everybody,

my installation isn’t too fast, but it works pretty reliable though.

I’ve identified two things I consider responsible:

The main storage directory is mounted from a NAS over CIFS instead of being a “local” filesystem on the Linux host that runs the webserver.
However I don’t really want to change that because all non Nextcloud data is already stored on the NAS, making backups as well as disk-space management very easy. Besides I always avoid inflating VMs with user data as far as I can avoid it. But as I said I don’t really want to change that.

The other thing I consider responsible for the slow speed is a bunch of CIFS mounts that are set up for most users, so external storage configured inside Nextcloud. That as well is working very reliably. But mounting all those folders slows down the user experience. Just logging in to Nextcloud and “seeing” those folders from outside will cause them all to be mounted.

My actual question here is: Is is possible to mark external storage mounts in a way that they are only mounted when the user actually steps into them?
Most of times they are not needed, but WHEN it’s pretty convenient having them already prepared.