Disable Apps Updates from the Web GUI


is it possible to (also) disable Apps Updates from the Web GUI, just like Nextcloud core thanks to the 'upgrade.disable-web' => true?

I would like to update everything trough the CLI only.


What about setting “ 'appstoreenabled' => false,” ? Additionally you can set “'writable' => false,” in the app_paths configuration record.


Only users in the “admin” group have access to that menu. Since you’re apparently the admin, just don’t use the menu.

No, the are several admin, but only one sysadmin (me) this is why I want to disable it if possible.

@j-ed those options also disable apps installation possibilty, which i don’t want to. I want to disable updates only (because I pass them in a CI process before to prevent any new bugs to be introduced in production).