Direct Access to Document in Collabora CODE Using a Link

Apparently, since NextCloud 11 this is possible if the file is shared with unrestricted access:

This works fine. However, I’d like to do the same with documents which are normally shared with other NextCloud users / groups. (I do not want to make the documents publicly available, I do not want to invent new passwords for each document I want to link this way and I do not want my users to have to enter any additional passwords if they are logged in anyway.

I’m still at a loss at how to achieve this. If I try to link to the file directly, either only its folder is shown with the file’s sidebar opened, or the file is offered for download.

How can I invoke the Collabora CODE editing / reading view simply by using its usual nextcloud URL?

I’m using NextCoud 13.0.7, Collabora CODE integration 3.0.2 and Collabora CODE 3.4.0, so more or less the latest releases of all components involved at the time of this writing. (Except NextCloud, which is the latest released and supported version in the version-13-branch, though.) I could also upgrade to NextCloud 14 if this improves anything in this regard.

I similar question was asked concerning Markdown files, but that’s probably an entirely different story, I assume: