Dir=undefined can't open documents in shared links

Hi everyone,
since made some changes on my nextcloud, when I try to open a document in a shared link i get a spinning wheel and I am unable to open it.
he is the link result:
it works when I access the same document when I am connected with my user on nextcloud. The error occurs only through shared links.
Any idea ?

I’m afraid you’re missing any further information here.

the error tells you that your targetdirectory is not defined somehow.
I don’t know why.

thanks for reply,
this error occurs only when trying to open a pdf file accessed through a shared link.
I can see the file but can’t open it
no issue to open a pdf file when going through user account and browsing folders
there is nothing in the logs, when I click on the file it just gets the page stuck
I have reset all files/folders permission & ownership.
the dir=undefined&path=%2F2023&openfile=51390926 is not an error as I tried to reproduce the steps on another nextcloud server and the url is the same, containing dir=undefined&path=%2F2023&openfile=51390926

well you might notice yourself that there is still some important info missing…

A few weeks ago there was a similar problem if this sharing-option was not set.


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You saved my ass man, thanks a lot !

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If any chance you send me the link where you got the solution I’ll be gratefull
Thanks anyway for that answer, I spent hours looking in the wrong direction

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