Digital signage experience?


Does anybody have experience in using Nextcloud and digital signage? what is your setup, or how would you do it if you wanted to? Good experience with specific software?

I tested a simple setup of a Raspberry Pi 3 connected to a 24inch computer monitor, displaying a calendar via WiFi. It ran openkiosk, and only a mouse was connected, a Nextcloud user with limited rights was logged in. The mouse was used to enable/disable the many calendars as needed by the current person viewing.
Loading a calendar or event details was a little too slow, not sure if that was because of slow Pi wifi module or slow computing power of the Pi, or if openkiosk is slowing it down. I did not find out how to make it reload a set of calendars after a while or reload current week when someone changed the view to next week. Any ideas?

Also, I wonder if there is an easy way to cycle through pdffiles in a Nextcloudfolder in full screen, which is automatically updated whenever the files change/update?

What exactly do you want to sign digitally? Documents?

I don’t get the link to calendars, can want them to be signed? And what’s the link to the RPi3 performance?

“digital signage” is a common term in the industry and refers to big screens that show information and/or advertisements =)