Difficulty with Dynamic DNS

Hello all, not sure if I’m at the right place but I had to start somewhere. NextCloud is up and running on FreeNAS in a jail. I have NextCloud’s IP forwarded in my modem to port 443 and I have dynamic DNS set up through freeDNS. So, externally, if I enter my modem’s ip tagged with :443 I can get to NextCloud and log in. (I’m using SecSign as well) But, if I type the freeDNS subdomain I get nothing. I know NextCloud is listening to port 443 and I have it forwarded using TCP on my modem. I can’t forward 443 via UDP because the modem says it’s reserved for another application or rule.

All help appreciated, even if it’s pointing me to a different forum altogether.

Did you try with https:// in front? You should also forward port 80 btw, if you use a letsencrypt certificate you will need it anyways…

Does this subdomain you mention resolve to the same IP address? Test it with nslookup or dig.

Typing https:// took care of it. And yes, the domain does resolve to the correct IP.

I set up a cert when I was installing it but in Chrome anyway it still says the connection is not secure. I’ll continue digging on that. Thanks!

Letsencrypt needs port 80 and port 443 tp point to your webserver to issue a certificate, so you probably didnt, thats why you get the warnings. Also you should force https access