Difficult to distinguish whether a Collabora or OnlyOffice file will be created

On a Nextcloud instance with both Collabora and OnlyOffice it is hard to know which type of file you are getting when you create a new file as the options are similarly named.

In the first image below you see the options in Nextcloud’s webinterface that allow you to create a ‘Document’ or ‘New Document’. It is unclear which option belongs to which app/creates which file. Apparently ‘Document’ creates a .docx using OnlyOffice and ‘New Document’ creates a .odt using Collabora.

In the second image you see the options in the Nextcloud Android app, where the icons and text are exactly the same (barring capitalization of one character), so it is even harder to remember the difference. Only if you click on one of them you get to see the extension of the file you are going to make. ‘Create new document’, without a capitalized ‘D’, creates a .odt file.

I couldn’t find any issues in the related repositories or other mentions of this ‘problem’. Where is the best place to address this? I propose to add the extension at the end of the current text, e.g.: ‘New Document (.odt)’. This would make clear what type of document you are creating (and by extension if you are using Collabora or OnlyOffice).


Hey @sicco,
from the app-store you get to the github repositories (If this is not what you already meant). Ideally just create an issue there with your proposal.