Different Video Players when sharing - Speed Control missing

I’m on Nextcloud 23.0.3

When I am sharing Videos for users to stream (using the App "Videoplayer 1.12.0), there strangely are two different video interfaces that come up, depending on how the video is shared:

  1. “Simple” Video-streaming-interface (i.e. Options are pause, volume, full screen) if I share the video as a single share (not the whole folder that it is in).
    Screenshot 2022-04-03 um 17.08.18

  2. “Full” Video-streaming-interface (i.e. the options mentioned above + option for playback speed control), when I share the entire folder the video is in OR when I access the folder while being logged in and stream the video file.


Is there a way to force NC to use the more sophisticated interface with the speed-control-option?

Thank you and best,