Differences between contact displayed and synced/downloaded


I have quite a number of contacts that have there address displayed correctly in the Contacts web GUI. I noticed however, when the contact is synced using DAVx5 it is displayed like:

STREET 12\N 12345 CITY

In all caps and with the newline written out, where 12 and 12345 are just examples.

when I download the VCF file, the address entry looks like

ADR;TYPE=HOME;LABEL=STREET 12^n12345 CITY:;;Street 12;City;;12345;

it contains the the address twice, using the wrong capitalization and the correct one (the one that is also displayed in the web gui).

Removing the address and re-entering fixed it, but it happens with too many contact.

Presumably, these contacts where imported from Google Contacts quite some time ago. But still, why is displayed correctly and synced and saved incorrectly?

Is there a fix to bulk fix it?


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